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Musical Icebreaker Activities for the classroom!

Students always seem to lack enthusiasm on the first week back to school. So here are some fun icebreakers you can use to lift their mood and get them excited to be back in your classroom!

Body Percussion Icebreaker Activities:

  • Routines: Get your students out of their seats! Teach them a few basic body percussion techniques and develop a small routine for all of them to do. It can be as simple as stomping each foot, clap your hands, stomp again, then high-five the person to your left/right. It may seem silly to the students, but guarantee they will be laughing and having fun on their first day back!
  • Hand-Games: Take the students back to their old days at the playground, before their lives became consumed with reality TV and video games. Have each student pick a partner, then have the class begin the game. No one can resist the “Miss Mary Mack” classic. And if there are students who are unfamiliar with this game, have a pair demonstrate in front of the class who consider themselves to be pros!

Here’s an example of a body percussion icebreaker routine for reference (but be sure to make yours unique!):


The Art of Listening Icebreakers:

  • Depending on the class size, break the students up into small groups and have them take out a sheet of paper. Have the class number the paper from 1-10 (one paper per group). You will play 10 different things ranging from: a single instrument, instrumental chorus of a song, a classical music piece, and whatever else you desire. The object of this exercise will be to have the students work together to listen and help one another figure out the sounds. You can tell them to name the composer, name the instrument, name the song, genre, etc. Try mixing in some current instrumental tunes to pump them up and get them smiling!
  • Once you’re finished, have the class pass the papers up so you can see which team won! Offer a small prize to the winning group, like candy or a keychain. This will not only break the ice, but it’ll also get the students minds more focused on you and your lesson plan when the game is over.

What other creative ways can music teachers break the ice with their class on the first day back to school? Tell us some successful ideas you’ve tried before! Comment on our Facebook Page!


Good luck with the new school year!

By MusicTime
Date Posted : 8/21/2013
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